Parish of Northaw and Cuffley

Friends of St Thomas

A church has existed in Northaw since the early 13th century when the first building was erected to commemorate the murder of St Thomas a Becket in Canterbury. The present building is the third on the site, rising from the ashes of one which was burnt down in 1881. Through the generosity of parishioners and local families, funds were quickly raised for the beautiful church we know today which was consecrated in 1882.


Whatever your connection with this church - whether you live locally, were married or christened here or went to Northaw School - you can be a part of its future history by becoming a Friend of St Thomas.

Membership is only £12 per year. Friends receive an occasional newsletter (Nov 2017 is here) and an invitation to the annual Friends Day.
If you would like an Application Form, download here, or to find out more, please email